Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons was named a Top Place to Work

“It is an honor to be named one of Iowa’s Top 100 Companies to Work for in 2013,” says Kevin DeRonde, Corporate Administrator at DMOS. “We truly are a family. Our patients are an extension of that and it’s an honor to treat them.”

And this honor means even more, knowing it is the employees who took the poll naming the Top 100 Companies. As one DMOS employee put it: “I feel appreciated. In the past I have had jobs where we were treated as the least-important employees in the hospital. Not so at DMOS.”

Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons was named 11 out of the 40 Mid-Sized Employers across the state in the Top 100 poll. Read more on Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Top 100 nod.