Fireworks: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

With the 4th of July approaching, the DMOS Hand Surgeons wanted to share information about the dangers of using fireworks. Devastating hand injuries occur every year related to the average citizen setting off fireworks. Even sparklers can cause injuries, specifically burns.

Did you know?

Firework-related injuries range in severity from superficial burns to complete loss of the hand and fingers. The most common injuries are burns to the fingers, hand, and wrist (26.7%). Followed by injuries to the eye (14.9%), in addition to open injuries to the hand and wrist (6.5%).** Other sources report the number of burns to the fingers, hand, and arm is as high as 41%.***

Fireworks Safety. What you need to know.

We have included these links for you to learn more about fireworks safety as well as how you can protect your family.

Your best and safest bet? Go out and enjoy a professional fireworks display in your community! 

Finally, stay safe and keep your hands healthy and intact!

Melissa Young, M.D. – Hand & Upper Extremity Surgeon

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***Fireworks information center: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Website. Published 2013. Accessed June 29, 2015.