All new patients at DMOS will be asked to fill out a General Health History Form and a New Patient Registration Form before your consultation with the surgeon. Please note, if you are a first-time patient, we do advise that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow enough time to fill out the forms in their entirety.

The specific DMOS doctors you are treating with may require additional forms to be completed to better understand your history and symptoms. Those will either be mailed to you to complete prior to your appointment, or they will be provided to you when you arrive at your appointment.

A copy of your insurance card will also be necessary at every visit. If your insurance plan requires a doctor referral to see a specialist, please make the appropriate arrangements with your primary care doctor before your appointment at DMOS.

To make a request for Medical Records/X-Rays/MRIs, etc.

If you are in need of a copy of your medical records, x-rays and/or MRI images from DMOS, please contact the Medical Records Department or your doctor’s secretary. All requests will require an Authorization to Release of Medical Records Information form completed. We will need 48 hours to fill your request. You are welcome to contact the Medical Records Department if you require additional information and to identify any fees that may apply.

UPDATE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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