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DMOS leverages the PatientIQ platform to collect and measure patient-reported outcomes.
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More than one million total joint replacement surgeries occur each year, and the high-volume procedure is performed by surgeons across the country with varying patient outcomes.

In an effort to quantify the quality of care it provides to its patient population, DMOS leverages the PatientIQ platform to collect and measure patient-reported outcomes. Once collected, the platform analyzes how DMOS performs against national benchmarks and organizations nationwide.

In addition to total joint replacement, DMOS leverages PatientIQ to collect and measure patient-reported outcomes in more than seven other orthopedic specialties as part of its strategic priority to identify best practices and areas of quality improvement.

“Patients have a choice when it comes to receiving clinical care and our outcomes are a natural part of their assessment,” said Rich Green, Chief Operation Officer, DMOS. “The PatientIQ platform enables us to prove the quality of our services, including being amongst the nation’s very best at total joint replacement.”

“DMOS’ achievements are not only notable for the organization, but they also represent the clear value of leveraging patient-reported outcomes data,” said Matthew Gitelis, CEO, PatientIQ. “We’re proud our platform continues to yield results for DMOS and quantifies the value of its clinical care.”

DMOS has identified statistically significant improvements in the shoulder, elbow, and spine-related patient-reported outcome measures:


Improvement in iHOT12 scores


Improvement in Quick Dash scores


Improvement in Oswestry Disability Index scores


Improvement in Neck Disability Index scores

About PatientIQ

PatientIQ is the healthcare technology partner for practicing data-driven medicine. Its proprietary, cloud-based platform engages patients to automate the collection of patient-reported outcomes and provide real-time outcome analysis. With PatientIQ, providers are empowered to consistently deliver the highest quality care. Partnering with hospitals, health systems, private practices, and industry customers, PatientIQ has demonstrated years of experience and an unparalleled ability to help push the boundaries of medicine.

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