Prepare for your first visit to DMOS

We want you to be as comfortable as possible at each visit. One way we can do this is by minimizing surprises. Below, you will find information to help you prepare for your upcoming appointment with our office, so that on your appointment day you can arrive ready and be prepared.

Patient & Health History Forms

For your convenience, you will receive the required paperwork via mail, so you have time to complete this for your visit. We will need from you upon check-in. If you do not complete the paperwork prior, please plan to arrive 30 minutes early to complete it.


The verification of insurance benefits is a complex issue. Please ensure that your benefits participate with DMOS before your appointment to ensure coverage. If you do not have insurance or are unsure of your coverage for this appointment, please call our billing department at 515-537-2860, who will help to answer any questions you may have. Upon your arrival, we will ask for your insurance card to verify coverage for the patient (for returning patients we will offer you an opportunity to update your contact/insurance information). In addition, please bring a valid photo ID such as a state-issued driver’s license, state-issued identification card or a passport. Failure to provide your identification or insurance card can result in having to reschedule your appointment.

Records, X-rays or MRI

If you have had previous treatment of related orthopedic problems, please be sure to bring your records with you on this visit or transfer them to DMOS Orthopaedic Centers office prior to your visit. If you have previously had x-rays taken or an MRI completed, please bring those images with you to your appointment on a CD. Many facilities now place your films on the computer. You may call your referring physician to see if we are able to access those images from their image center and if so, you would not need to bring a disk of those images.

Worker’s Compensation

If you have a worker’s compensation claim or other liability claim, please make sure your employer/insured or their worker’s compensation carrier has provided written authorization of this visit.

Parent or Legal Guardian

We require that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to the first appointment. For all other visits, all patients under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult in order to be seen. If you, as the parent or legal guardian, are unable to accompany your child for a follow-up appointment, we will accept a written note with your signature allowing a friend or family member to authorize care for your child. After the first visit, patients between the ages of 16‐18 years may be seen unaccompanied by an adult with the parent’s written permission. We must receive your written permission prior to seeing the minor.

  • Your current insurance card(s) and photo identification with you to every appointment.
  • Previous x-rays or diagnostic tests pertinent to the injury being evaluated, please bring those images and reports with you.
    • This often will prevent duplication of x-rays. Scans or x-rays may be supplied to you on film or CD, either is acceptable.
  • A list of all medications you are currently taking, including over- the- counter medications, vitamins, etc.
  • If you are diabetic or have another health condition that requires frequent nourishment, you are encouraged to bring a snack. Please note, there is not a cafeteria available at DMOS.
  • Come prepared with questions. Write your questions and concerns down in advance. Feel free to take notes during your visit to help you remember everything you learned.

If the patient is under 18, please also bring:

  • If you have a child insured by a parent or guardian not living in the home, please obtain the insurance card or a copy (front and back) in advance and bring it with you.
  • Patients under 18 years of age cannot be seen without a parent or guardian present for the visit.
  • Please be prepared to pay all co-payments at each appointment. If you do not have insurance, please be prepared to make payment in full. You are welcome to speak with our billing department directly to inquire about fees, payment plans, etc.
  • If your care is being paid for by third-party liability coverage it is critical that you bring all pertinent information with you (claim number, payer number, address, phone number, contact person, etc.). Please see Health Insurance Fees and Payments for our policy about Third Party Liability.
  • If your injury is related to a work-comp claim, pre-authorization is required before an appointment is scheduled. If you report the injury as a workers compensation claim during your visit and your appointment was not preauthorized, you are responsible for the fees.

These are pieces of information that we are commonly asked regarding appointments:

  • If you are not English speaking, please feel free to invite a bilingual speaking adult (over 18 years of age) to attend the appointment with you.
  • If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify us so that we may use the time for other patients.
  • Please know the appointment time provided to you is not necessarily a confirmation of when you will see the doctor. The appointment time is the time we have asked that you be available so we can complete the following to prepare for your exam with the doctor: registration; any necessary x-rays to be taken; history reviewed; casts, braces, sutures, etc. evaluated and/or removed.
  • DMOS understands that your time is valuable, and our doctors try to stay on schedule for each appointment. However, our doctors want to ensure they can provide adequate discussion and consultation at every patients’ appointment, which can sometimes affect our schedule. We thank you for understanding that our patients’ need for excellence in orthopedic care comes first.
  • If you are traveling from outside Des Moines and need to book a hotel stay before your appointment, or while a family member is having an operation, please call one of our Heart of America hotel partners listed here, for rates and availability. Please remember this is an expense for which DMOS is not responsible.

UPDATE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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