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I can’t say enough good things about the work that Dr. Rodgers and his PA did on my hand! I am a month out from having had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, and I can pretty much do everything I want to do and more…all without the pain, burning, tingling and itching that I had before.

What’s amazing is that the whole procedure probably took less than 10 minutes to actually do! Yes, it did hurt a bit when he numbed my hand, and it didn’t feel too good the next 2-3 days, but it was well worth it to sleep through the night without splints and to be able to type without pain. I may have to have the procedure done to my left hand in the future, and I have no hesitation about leaving that up to Dr. Rodgers. He has made my life a lot easier!

Last year, both of my hips were replaced using the direct anterior approach. I lived with hip pain and loss of mobility for many years and was seen by many orthopaedic surgeons along the way. My situation was somewhat unusual because I also had one hip higher than the other, causing one leg to be shorter than the other, so I walked with a limp and suffered from lower back pain. When it became necessary for me to use a cane to walk, I decided I had to do something. The thought of surgery was very scary for me. However, if it had to be done, I wanted a quick recovery period and the length of my leg to be corrected. Although I’d been to many hip specialists over the years, they all said they could not correct my leg length, or perform the anterior replacement approach, which is said to be less invasive, with a shorter recovery period than the traditional approach.

Luckily, I was referred to Dr. Barron Bremner. He was confident that he could do both of these things for me and his credentials are quite impressive. Dr. Bremner assured me that he and his team would support me through the entire experience, and his confidence in their abilities put me at ease. The results were a huge success with minimal down time. In my case, I was back to work within 2-1/2 weeks after each replacement. There was very little pain involved. In fact, I felt much better right away after each surgery. If I had realized what I was missing in my life as a result of the pain and immobility I was experiencing, I would definitely have considered hip replacement surgery sooner. It was much easier than I had imagined!

I’m happy to report that I’m now back to gardening, yoga, riding my bicycle, walking on the beach, working out at the gym and simply living an active lifestyle, pain free.
Thank you Dr. Bremner, and your team, for giving me my life back. You always treated me as if I was your most important (special) patient. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of you.

Barb J.

Hip Replacement

I would like to express my gratification and admiration to Dr. Devon Goetz, he and the other DMOS staff deal with difficult situations every day.  This was my second knee replacement due to arthritis.  During my first knee replacement in 1998 I had difficulty with pain medication.  Dr. Goetz not only listened to my woos of anxiety he assured me that this surgery would be easier and less dramatic than the first.  He was right.  Dr. Goetz even went above and beyond during my recovery to call me at home three times to check on me.    When I went back to work and took a fall the 3rd day back due to ice he worked me into his schedule.  He showed complete empathy for my situation and reflected that back to me in the care he proved.  I trust Dr. Goetz and when he makes a suggestion about the next step for my recovery I listen and feel comfort knowing he has my back. In general every time I have any appointment at DMOS I have been greeted by complete professionals I have suggested and will continue to suggest Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons to anyone that needs orthopaedic care.

Jeff H.

Knee Replacement

I went to see Dr. Davick about loss of muscle in my left arm and after he looked at it and had a  MRI to confirm I had torn my rotator cuff. He and his staff are very good to work with in all areas of what I needed to do. We scheduled a surgery and it went so smooth, the nurses there where just as fantastic as all of his other team had been. So far through it all including my rehab I have had almost no pain which I attribute to the skill of Dr. Davick.

Bradley F.

Torn Rotator Cuff

Dr. Goetz has replaced both of my hip joints and I am SO grateful to be able to be pain-free again.  Both surgeries went very well and the only therapy I needed was walking which I love to do anyway!  Dr. Goetz, Brad, Michelle, Stacey, and all of his staff are excellent, kind, and compassionate and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Jane S.

Hip Replacement

Dr. Evans has done 3 surgeries on my feet. Two of them were very complex. He gave a thorough consultation and evaluation prior to each procedure. He sent me to another surgeon who concurred with his opinion. He was extremely patient with my many questions and was completely courteous and professional on each visit. I have recommended him more than once.

Gail R.

Foot Surgery

Dr. Honkamp and his nurse are the absolute best. I trust them and they provide the utmost care and communication. Thank you.

Terrie K.

Excellent doctor. He does a great job of explaining his opinion of the injury, what needs to be done, and the procedure performed. Excellent bedside manner. His nurse does a great job of summarizing the report as well. Great eye contact and communication.

Dan T.

Great doctor and great experience at the surgery center as well. Physical therapy went VERY well, and I healed way ahead of schedule. Pain . . . wait a minute . . . I don’t think I had any pain! Surgical nurse was great at explaining how to shower without using/moving my arm. Very easy recovery. I will likely need to have some attention paid to my other shoulder, and when I’m ready, it will be no big deal. Thank you, DMOS!

Kitty M.

Great experience. The care was professional, compassionate, and competent.

Marc A.

My special thanks to especially Dr. Sullivan and also his staff – Because of you I enjoyed a new experience with part of our family last weekend at Pella Tulip Time! Our son said, “Mom since you have your new knees how about scrubbing the streets?” His wife made the costumes and these are their two girls – needless to say – we had fun!! Thanks much – you folks made it possible for me and I am truly grateful – and Leo is too! It is WONDERFUL to enjoy walking again!
With thankfulness to each,

Joyce R.

Knee Surgery

I am a 69 year old physician and 30 years ago I needed a hip replacement in order to continue the work as a private physician. This original surgery was successful and lasted me 27 years. Three years ago my hip joint was again giving me lots of grief causing me to have multiple stress fractures in my pelvis. I was working full time as a missionary in South Africa and nearing the end of my career because of the problems I was having.. Dr. Goetz did a revision surgery on my left hip and it is again as good as new and I have been able to continue my work in Africa. As a physician, I did lots of research as to who would be the best surgeon for me as Dr. Goetz was my choice. I could not be happier with care he has given me.

I appreciate all that you do for Beth and I.

Jim B.

Hip Revision Surgery

I have problems with joints and connective tissue because of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.  Dr. Goetz replaced my hip in September and although I still have a lot of issues, my hip is not one of them.  The replacement provided the pain relief Dr. Goetz predicted.  Most days I forget it’s a new part.  He is one of the kindest most professional Doctors I have ever met.  Sometimes you wonder if there is a person in the Doctor and Dr. Goetz leaves no doubt that he is both a decent person and a great doctor.  His PA, Brad, is also wonderful and very caring.

Julia R.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

I had total knee replacement on September 24.  Dr. Matt DeWall was my surgeon and had two visits preparing me for the surgery.  Three weeks after surgery I was driving again, in four weeks back to work full time, by five weeks I was walking 2 miles and performing any and all activities better than prior to surgery.  I followed all of the rehab instructions and challenged myself to constantly improve.  This is life changing!  If you are considering knee replacement.  Do it sooner than later!  I could not have imagined a better outcome!

Karey C.

Knee Replacement

I was very lucky to see Dr. Grundberg for a consult with right big toe problems due to diabetes. Her office and bedside manner was excellent! No what or if’s about it, this is what we need to do, and we need to do it right now! Dr. Grundberg and her assisting staff were awesome, whether it was the day of my first consult or the next day during surgery, and for all my follow up appointments while healing. A doctor who actually spent time to listen to your needs and problems post surgery, and a support staff who went that extra mile to assist you in all of your needs in office and even over the phone, miles away from the office. I work for a hospital where customer service is recognized as the #1 priority, and DMOS was and is as good as it gets with their customer service to their patients!

A hug, a smile, and promises to continue to be there if the need arises to be seen again will defiantly have me coming back if I ever need the services of DMOS again! Thank you Dr. Grundberg from the bottom of my heart. YOU made the difference in my life, and I am forever grateful to you for being there when I needed someone with your expertise in foot and wound care!

Michael P.

Foot Surgery

I am not real good at expressing in words my feelings. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and my knees dislocates often, enough that I have fallen so many times I am staying in pain and become scared to do thing in fear. I know having my knees dislocate as often as they are is not doing me any good for my heath for when I get older. Dr. Bremner listened to my concerns, and agreed to try to fix the knee I had more difficulty with. He did a lateral release and reconstructed the meniscus as I had what they called a discoid meniscus, meaning the meniscus was not the C shape it was suppose to be. It was full, so he carved out what needed to be cut. My patella has now lined up the way it is suppose to, and although I had surgery on 9/12/14, here it is 7 days later on 9/19/14. I had my 2; yes I said 2, stitches removed yesterday. Although I am in pain as to be expected, having the surgery has not set me back like I thought it would. I truly feel that once I have fully recovered from the surgery, I know my knee will be better. I can’t thank Dr. Bremner enough for not only being knowledgeable with what was going on, but also listening and offering a solution. You and your staff are the best! All of you are helpful and friendly. I will highly recommend you to others that need a doctor like you. The picture attached is 6 days after surgery. There is very little swelling or bruising. I am happy with the outcome. Once again, thank you to all of you who helped me when I was feeling helpless.

Christina J.

Knee Reconstruction

Dr. Patrick Sullivan and his team were extremely professional and efficient. I was extremely happy with my experience. The Methodist West Hospital facilities were beautiful, and I didn’t feel like I was in a hospital setting. The nurses and staff were very efficient and attentive to my needs. They kept me informed, and I never felt like I was waiting on someone to assist me. The food was awesome. I would Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons to my friends and acquaintances.

Donna B.

Dr. Dulaney has always taken the time to listen to me, and given me options. When I told him I didn’t want surgery, he was okay with that. He said he’d work with me so I didn’t have to have it.

Linda K.

I tore my tendon lose from my right knee and he fixed it. I made a great recovery. I hit my left kneecap with a crank, and he looked at it, but decided nothing was wrong and it did fix itself.

Sonny K.

Knee Pain

I had a knee replacement. So far everything has been great. Things are going exactly as I was told it would be. I am walking without any aids five weeks after surgery. I have some pain, stiffness, and discomfort, but nothing unexpected. Therapy has been excellent, and each time I have a session, there is definitely an improvement.

John C.

Knee Replacement

A very great doctor, and I would highly recommend him to everyone needing surgery.

Peggy H.

Dr. Bremner performed Total Hip Replacement Surgery on me.  I received professional care from Dr. Bremner. The care he gave me reflected a knowledge of his skill/practice. His demeanor was respectful and attentive as he listened to my concerns, and I experienced absolutely no complications from the total hip replacement and my recovery phase under his direction was without issue. Thank you Dr. Bremner.

Mary B.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Nelson has been and continues to be wonderful to work with during a difficult injury. He is honest about his opinions and recommendations, and continues to show patience before, during, and after surgery. If and when I have any questions, Dr. Nelson and his physician assistant Jessica, have always returned my calls quickly and are able to give resolution to any issues or concerns.


Dr. Gaffey was fabulous! East to speak with and understand and talk to. He made me feel comfortable, relaxed, as well as a feeling that he cared about me!

Kimberly R.

Excellent care from a dedicated ortho professional and a support staff 2nd to none!  Dr. Dulaney and his staff offer thorough, compassionate care from the initial visit, throughout the procedure and follow up visits.  St. Anthony Regional Hospital’s Ortho Unit & Surgical Teams – compliment the very best care you could get, without traveling to the city!  Dr. Dulaney explains your procedure and treatment very thouroughly with you and your family.  And leaves his office accessible for follow up & questions. So thankful to have Dr. Dulaney practicing in our area!

Lou F.

I had several years of being limited in my walking and trouble finding comfortable shoes. It has been nearly 2 years now since my bunionectomy and my feet are still happy and walking long distance with no problems.  Thank you so much!!

Marla M.

Today is July 22nd, my 76th birthday. March 24th and July 10th my knees replaced. I am doing GREAT! No cane or walker. Dr. Dulaney and staff and the nurses and staff at St. Anthony Regional Hospital, with their skill and care, have given me the most wonderful birthday gift ever. Thank you!!

Elizabeth S.

Knee Replacement

Dr Kallimeier treated our son for infections that had set in on his fractured finger.  He has fully recovered and thankfully he is able to use the finger as before. Appearance is very similar to the finger on the opposite hand. Which was important as well. Thanks for the concern and care.

Timothy and Judi H.

Fractured Finger

I had two seperate bunionectomies with Dr. Evans. While the recovery on the first was a little more difficult (due to the type of procedure), I am happy to say both were a success. I had no complications and I have no pain. Dr. Evans was totally truthful about what it would be like and he’s an excellent surgeon. Chris, his surgical nurse, is great too and will always answer any concerns/questions you may have. I highly recommend this doctor.

Sandra M.


I have been overweight a few times in my life. In January 2013 I decided my scary dream if having a stroke at age 39 or 40 was enough to get me to exercise. I started my weight loss journey in May 2013. Walking and a little jogging and a 60lb weight loss by Aug 2013. Then I woke and couldn’t walk on my right leg without severe hip pain. I tried everything. Injections, physical therapy, chiropractic, yoga poses, meds, and it just got worse. Had 2 MRI’s and found a small tear on the second. After trying a injection into the joint itself, and no relief, surgery was the next option. I am an ER nurse and I can’t take the pain and agony another day. Dr Chris Nelson is well known where I live and work and this labral tear and FAI repair is his specialty. He did an amazing job fixing this issue. I did everything I could to follow all his instructions very closely. And now I am 5 1/2 months post repair and I walked a 5k race and I have returned to full duty nursing in the ER. I have  had some difficult stretches in recovery but Dr Nelson has walked me through this process and I am well on my way to returning to my exercising and more active lifestyle again.  I learned so much from this experience and I have made everyone I know aware of the skills and compassion the Dr Chris Nelson has to offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  This ER nurse is grateful!

Coleen G.

Labral Tear and FAI Repair

Dr. Nick Honkamp was excellent in explaining the procedure, and the potential positives and negatives.  I elected to go forward, and the surgery took place in Methodist West, which was more like a first class resort hotel than a hospital.  Wonderful staff, very professional, and excellent physical therapy that began during my hospital stay.  Once home I continued my physical therapy with Erich Ottervanger at West Des Moines Physical Therapy.  Eric was very professional, knowing just how far to push me at each session.

The results are what are important, and they have been spectacular.  I would recommend Dr. Honkamp totally as his technical expertise and skills surpassed my expectations.  It is now eight weeks, I have no pain, I am, at the age of 74, walking at least  four miles a day.  Before the surgical procedure I was in constant pain, had trouble walking, and could barely get up our of a chair after setting for a bit.   Now the movement and rotation in my left knee is almost as good as my right knee.  It is over 134 degrees, and I walk up and down steps like I did when I was in my twenty’s. Last weekend I walked over ten miles in a National Forest, over rough terrain, and had absolutely no problems. I wish the rest of my body felt as good as my left knee. The whole process, from my first meeting until today totally exceeded my expectations.  It was wonderful.  Some aching (I elected to not take any pain medication) during the first four or five weeks, but a lot of that was because of the rehab at West Des Moines Physical Therapy, and that was well worth it because it helped me regain the rotation in my knee.

I could have not had a better experience, and results, than I have had with Dr. Honkamp and his staff.  My only complaint refers to me, and that is why I did not have Dr. Honkamp perform the knee replacement surgery years ago?  Why did I put up with the pain for so long, when it was so easy to get my knee replaced, get rid of the pain, and get back to a normal life?  Thank you Dr. Honkamp!

Curt B.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Fortunately, I met Dr. Lin through my wife – my lucky day! He did an outstanding knee replacement procedure and gave me my mobility back. Thanks Dr. Lin!

Rick G.

Knee Replacement

Dr. Smidt, Sarah and Eric are very thoughtful, kind, caring people with a lot of respect and kindness!

Bridgett D.

I had a great experience at DMOS with Dr. Chris Nelson. He knew just how he was going to do my knee replacement, and my replacement was far from normal. Dr. Chris Nelson took on the job and did a great job. In the hospital for 31 hours and back home. In 3 weeks, I felt like a new man. Thank you Dr. Nelson.

Richard R.

Knee Replacement

I have had a partial and a full knee replacement. Almost 1 year later, I will say I wish I had done this 2 years earlier. Everything went much, much better than ever imagined. 2 years of wasted pain!

William S.

Knee Replacement

Dr. Chris Nelson is a wonderful, caring, concerned doctor. He has always taken great care of me!

Heather E.

Dr. Lin is very helpful! Glad he took the time to explain the shot and information on the procedure – just what I had hoped for. The reception girls are very nice too!

Jane H.

Dr. Jason Sullivan and his entire team are excellent health providers. I had a complete shoulder replacement done and from the first visit to the last, I was treated with respect, empathy and skill by everyone.

Peggy J.

Shoulder Replacement

I had a total hip replacement this winter. A thousand thank you’s to Dr. Bremner and the entire staff at Lutheran Hospital. I have no more pain!

Steve S.

Hip Replacement

Dr. Lin is a wonderful doctor! He has explained what is going on with my knee and just is so supportive. He did a very good job!

Karen M.

On November 20, 2013, I had Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery, which was done by Dr. Bremner. I can’t say enough about this amazing method for hip replacement. I was able to walk the day of surgery and leave the hospital in 2 1/2 days! I have had very little pain and enjoyed the holidays with my family. Dr. Bremner is a very kind and caring doctor and I am so grateful to have had him for this surgery. This is my 3rd major surgery in the last 3 years and I am 85 years old.

Melvin S.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Jason Sullivan was wonderful! He really cares about his patients and is really patient and understanding.


I have really enjoyed my treatment here. Dr. Sullivan is great! My knee is looking and feeling good. The staff are very nice and friendly. Overall, a GREAT experience!

Shirley M.

This is my second anterior approach hip replacement. I was in pain 24/7 and I was counting the days to my surgery. My surgery took place at 7:30 am and by 2:30 pm I was up walking the hallway. I was released to home health after 2 1/2 days (I live alone). It has been two weeks and I am walking with little pain with a cane. Whatever the nurses told me I followed plus a little more. My goals are to be healed and active for the coming spring weather. Thank you Dr. Bremner!

Jane H.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Great experience with DMOS! We have never had to wait. the nurses are usually waiting to take us back before we get off the elevator. The staff is so friendly and courteous. I would definitely recommend DMOS and Dr. Nelson to any patient! I have been through many surgeries and doctors and this has been one of the best experiences. Thanks DMOS!

Samantha M.

Dr. Bremner is the whole package of a great doctor. He’s done a total of 3 surgeries on us and is our family orthopaedist. Dr. Bremner is intelligent, a skilled surgeon who loves his work, is caring and empathetic to patients and family. He follows through with his patients after surgery. We respect this man and celebrate that Des Moines has him.

Janet and Larry W.

As usual, I am pleased beyond words. Today was another positive experience with Dr. Vittetoe and his staff. Everything is organized, punctual, caring, polite, knowledgable. From pre-survery, surgery and post-surgery, it has been incredible. They always have had time for me and my questions. They care.

Edena W.

Dr. Schulte is who I was sent to when I broke my shoulder bone. He’s a very kind and nice man. He explained things very well. I loved his RN Chris, as well as his secretary. What a wonderful group!

Kathy B.

Broken Shoulder Bone

Just a quick note on Dr. Rodgers. What a fantastic doctor! Helpful and answered every question asked. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

Marshall C.

Everyone that I had contact with today has been AWESOME – Melissa, Eric, Sarah and of course, Dr. Smidt – were GREAT! The news I got wasn’t so wonderful, but also not surprising. They dealt with it all in a kind and efficeint manner.

Nona F.

A great experience as always. Caring staff who take the time to visit. My knee replacement with Dr. Pat Sullivan turned out great. No more pain!

Jerry V.

Knee Replacement

My experience at DMOS was superior. Dr. DeWall and staff were great. I had both knees replaced and now feel like they have given me my life back. Walking is no longer a dreaded chore, thanks to the wonderful care I received.

Mary Jo

Knee Replacement

Today I came in for a check up after having surgery 2 weeks ago. I can’t believe the difference this surgery has been for me. The pain I experienced before was a tough pain. But the pain I have now is an awesome, healing pain. This clinic and Dr. DeWall have truly been an answer to prayer. Than you for the great concern.

Rita S.

Thank you to Dr. Vittetoe! He did a left knee total replacement in February and a right total knee replacement in August. My PT is raving about my quick recovery! She said at 4 weeks that I was where she would expect me to be at 8-10 weeks! I took my first walk in our woods last evening – my first one in probably 4 years! Thank you!


Catherine P.

Knee Replacement

We have been working with Dr. Jeff Davick and Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons for 17 years and couldn’t be more pleased. Not only is it a tremendous comfort that our athletes will be given outstanding medical care, but the physicians and staff sincerely and genuinely care about our athletes and their outcomes.

Mike Hadden

Director of Athletic Training Education, Simpson College

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