Turkey Carving Safety – Infographic

Turkey Carving Safety – Infographic

Every year hospitals and physicians see an increase in hand injuries caused by carving turkeys. This Thanksgiving, use the following turkey carving safety Do’s and Don’ts from the American Society for Surgery of the Hand to safe.

Turkey Carving Safety Infographic


  • When cutting a turkey, cut away from yourself with your free hand on the opposite side of the meat you are carving.
  • A sharp knife will reduce the amount of force needed when slicing turkey. Ensuring your work area is dry will also prevent slips.
  • Adults should only carve the turkey.



  • Cut toward yourself or place your hand underneath the blade to catch the meat.
  • Use a wet or dull knife.
  • Let children help with carving or cutting.


When to seek medical help?

If you cut your hand and the bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes, experience numbness or loss in movement, you should seek medical help at a hospital or DMOS Urgent Injury Clinic.

Source: ASSH

UPDATE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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