An X-ray and Orthopaedic Technical Staff team member is often the first people to greet patients after checking in at the reception desk. They are the forefront of the circle of care that you will experience at DMOS Orthopaedic Centers. As an upbeat, energetic group, our x-ray and Ortho Tech staff remain active in their own lives, which allows them to empathize with patients. Since DMOS was established more than 60 years ago, we have maintained a singular goal: to get the patient back to their activities and daily life as quickly as possible.

Our experienced staff constantly challenge themselves by obtaining new knowledge on the skills in their field. To keep up with an ever-changing industry, DMOS team members often take advantage of seminars and educational opportunities, which they are then able to apply in their day-to-day work with patients. As an integral part of the DMOS team, they work one on one with the doctors to determine best x-ray view for each patient. You will find our x-ray technologists go above and beyond to make your x-ray experience truly comfortable and compassionate, at times when it matters the most.

Please see below to learn more about the frequently asked questions regarding X-ray.

Although small, there is a risk to the fetus if exposed to radiation. If you know or suspect that you may be pregnant, please inform your technologist before your exam! We will consult with your doctor to determine if we should continue with your exam.

Our highly specialized Orthopaedic Surgeons sometimes require different X-ray views that are not normally taken by other providers.

Most X-rays are computerized, and stored in a specialized “PACS” system. If we have access to that system, we will be able to view your previous images. If we do not have access, we will most likely need to take our own X-Rays.

If you have had X-rays taken, please ask your referring doctor to provide a disc with your images. Please bring this with you to your appointment.

When you breathe, your diaphragm moves and this can blur the image. You will also be asked to hold very still while your X-ray is being taken.

No, but please turn off your cell phone during the procedure to ensure that we are not disturbed.

Any buttons, zippers, embroidery or jewelry can obscure your X-ray image. We may have you remove your glasses for certain views.

MRI and X-rays produce different types of images. An MRI shows better contrast between different kinds of soft tissue, while an X-ray clearly shows the contrast between soft tissue and bone density.

Your doctor may need both types of exams to determine the best diagnosis and treatment.

Here at Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons, we strive to give you the most pleasant X-ray experience possible. All of our Radiologic Technologists hold licensure through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, as well as the State of Iowa.

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