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Durable Medical Equipment

Orthopedic braces and supplies are referred to as Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Orthopedic DME’s are typically braces and supports for the arms, ankles, elbows, back and more. These orthotic devices are ideal for physical therapy, rehabilitation and preventative support.

How can bracing or support equipment help me?

If you suffer from chronic pain or have a condition that limits your capacity to properly move around, you may benefit from the use of a brace. Our fitted braces and supports can give you the freedom to live a more robust life and relieve discomfort by finding the perfect brace to suit your individual needs.

Our dedicated team will work with you and your doctor to determine the best brace for support or compression based on your specific requirements. Put an end to persistent pain, relieve injuries, and receive support to stay active now to get back to feeling your best!


Will my insurance cover the Braces and other Durable Medical Equipment (DME) products my physician may prescribe?

Every insurance is different. To best understand what your insurance will cover, it is a good idea to check your benefits with your insurance carrier prior to your appointment. You may do so by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

How much will I owe for my DME product?

The amount you may owe is dependent upon many things. It is best to check your benefits prior to your appointment. However, we have billing specialists available to answer questions.

Can I return my DME product once I am done with it?

DME cannot be returned for a credit or refund. However, we do accept donations for non-profit organizations.

I’ve received a DME product previously, can I get another one?

You may purchase another DME product, however you may be asked to pay a cash price.

What do I do if I have a problem or question with my DME product?

Our DME department is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your DME. We can be reached at 515.224.4244.

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