Helping you get back in the game
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Optimizing Human Performance

World class sports rehab and performance training was previously reserved for professional athletes on the coast. Not anymore. Our integrated team of health and performance professionals exists to help you achieve greatness. Our services are fully integrated with our training, so we are the perfect place to resume training after injury or commence your fitness journey. We have the expertise to get you back to doing what you love sooner!

Everything An Athlete Needs

  • Sports Rehab
  • Physical Therapy
  • Injury Recovery
  • Performance Training

Sports Performance and Rehabilitation FAQs

What is Engineered Performance by DMOS?

Elite sports rehabilitation and performance training was previously reserved for professional athletes. Not anymore, our integrated team of Physicians, Therapist and Performance professionals are here  to help you achieve greatness. Greatness is a team sport. Join ours.

Engineered Performance powered By DMOS  was born out of frustration with the limited opportunities for athletes in the Midwest. As athletes ourselves we have been through the system – cookie cutter programs or less than professional weight training programs with no objective outcomes.

Seeking more, our team has dedicated themselves  to achieving the highest level of certification and building programs founded on the scientific principles that will help you achieve your true potential.  We don’t just say treat yourself like the pros, we are the team that treats the pros.

Do I need Physical Therapy?

It can be hard to decide when you need a professional opinion.

‍We recommend seeing an expert when:

  • Your pain is not significantly better after a week
  • Your pain affects your ability to work, exercise, socialize or anything else that is important to you
  • Your mobility or function is limited
  • You have complex issues that make exercise difficult
  • You want to move better
  • You want to improve your performance, recovery and prevent injuries
  • You want to change your exercise regime and have chronic medical conditions, during or after pregnancy

The sooner you see a Physical Therapist following an injury, the faster you recover.

How can I access a sports medicine doctor at DMOS?

There are several ways to see a sports medicine doctor at DMOS. The fastest and most convenient is to be evaluated at our Urgent Injury Walk-In Clinics in Ankeny or West Des Moines. Based on your injury, the care team will refer you to an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Physician, Physical Therapy or our Interventional Physiatry Clinic. You may also make an appointment directly with Physical Therapy.

Do you need to be an athlete to benefit from a sports rehab or physical therapy?

Some people might think so; but, in fact, if you don’t consider yourself athletic but want to increase your physical activity, a sports medicine physician can be a great resource for you. A sports medicine physician can tailor a plan to maximize your workout routine based on your interests and goals, and help you reduce your risk of injury.

Helping you get back in the game

We are passionate about combining elite sports rehab, performance training, physical therapy, and orthopedic expertise to help athletes get back in the game. 
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Still not sure how to get the help you need?

Still not sure how to get the help you need?

Call: 515.224.1414Call: 515.224.1414

Our doctors have advanced training in their respective specialties

All of our doctors are Board Certified or Board Eligible. Additionally, our Physician Assistants and Physical & Hand Therapy teams are the best in their field which allows DMOS to be the preferred choice for comprehensive orthopedic care in central Iowa.