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The shoulder is more prone to injury than any other joint in our bodies because of its ability to move in multiple directions and apply force or pressure to it. One of the most common injuries is shoulder instability, which occurs when the head of your upper arm bone is forced out of your shoulder socket. This can happen as a result of a sudden injury or from overuse. 

You may be suffering from shoulder instability if you’re experiencing:

  • Pain in your shoulder
  • Repeated shoulder dislocations
  • Repeated experiences of your shoulder giving out
  • A sensation of your shoulder feeling loose

A majority of shoulder instability cases can be treated using nonsurgical methods, including: activity modification, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy.

However, surgery may be necessary to repair torn or stretched ligaments in order to better stabilize your joint. Shoulder instability may be treated during a minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy procedure, but on occasion, patients may require an open surgery to repair the damaged ligaments.

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Melissa Merrifield

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