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Falls can happen any time of year, but winters in Iowa can be especially rough. Iowans are hit with rain, snow, freezing temperatures and extreme wind that can make walks to the car, house or work feel like an Olympic sport. 

Anthony Tedesco, DO, of Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons (DMOS), lives and works in Grinnell full-time, providing orthopedic care at the UnityPoint Health® – Grinnell Orthopedic Clinic. 

“I am a sports medicine specialist, so I do see and treat a lot of activity-related injuries,” says Dr. Tedesco. “Beyond those, many patients I care for are seeking injury treatment as result of a fall. It may be surprising to read that a lot orthopedic injuries occur because of unexpected slips, trips and falls – not from full-contact sports, automobile accidents or disease.” 

Protect yourself from trips and slips this winter with these tips from Dr. Tedesco. 

1. Look before you step. A best practice is to take your time and examine your surroundings so you can avoid ice or wet patches. Make sure to tap off the excess ice or snow from your shoes when you step inside, so you don’t slip on a puddle. 

2. Wear boots or shoes with textured soles. These types of shoes give you more traction on ice instead of heels or slides. If need be, pack your work shoes and wear your boots to work if you need to walk through the snow or on ice. 

3. Apply salt to sidewalks and driveways. This will help increase traction when you are outside and increase the rate that the ice melts. 

4. Use handrails. When it is snowy outside, they can help you keep your balance when walking. When you’re inside, handrails can help you avoid slipping when snow melts off your shoes. 

5. Exercise. This will help improve your overall balance, increase flexibility and make yourself stronger. 

Protect yourself by keeping these winter safety tips in mind. Accidents happen and if you do become injured from a slip, trip or fall, DMOS Orthopaedic Centers and UnityPoint Health – Grinnell Orthopedic Clinic are here to help you get back on your feet. Call (641) 236-2925 to schedule an appointment. 

Dr. Tedesco is a general orthopedic surgeon and orthopedic sports medicine expert. He specializes in general orthopedics and treatment for a wide array of fractures, injuries and degenerative conditions with a special focus on arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder including procedures such as ACL reconstruction and rotator cuff repairs. He also performs total and partial joint replacements of the knee and shoulder. 


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