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What is Trigger Finger?

Have you ever heard of the term trigger finger? Each of our fingers has tendons that help our fingers move and bend. When one of your fingers or thumbs gets stuck in a curled or bent position, you may be experiencing trigger finger. Trigger fingers can be caused by overuse and hinder the ability to do everyday tasks. At DMOS, our board-certified orthopedic surgeons treat many hand conditions, including trigger finger.

About Trigger Finger

Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis) means the tendons in your finger, hand, or thumb are inflamed and cause your fingers to lock when you try to bend them. Those whose jobs or hobbies involve repetitive forceful gripping or movement of the fingers are at higher risk of developing this painful hand condition. The main symptoms people experience include:

  • Popping sound
  • Catching sensation when bending the finger
  • Pain when bending the finger
  • Painful lump at the base of the finger on the palm side

Trigger fingers can vary in severity, and although it is not always painful, it can make simple daily activities like typing on a keyboard or holding a coffee mug more difficult. There may be different options when it comes to treatment. It’s vital to get ahead of treatment before symptoms worsen. If you are experiencing symptoms, getting an assessment is a good idea.

Give DMOS a call at 515.224.1414. Our Hand Center providers can assess your condition, discuss your options, and help you get back to living, pain-free.

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Holly Birkey

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