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Workers’ Compensation

Our Commitment

DMOS is committed to providing easy access for Workers’ Compensation injuries, with staff dedicated to overseeing and assisting with the complexities of these situations.

  • Is dedicated to overseeing Workers’ Compensation claims from start to finish.
  • Is committed to providing timely and accurately completed paperwork.
  • Ensures that you and the workers are provided prompt treatment and patient status updated.
  • Coordinates all phases of the injured workers’ care.
  • Treats conditions with expert skill and efficiency.

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Quick Response Time

At DMOS, we understand that you – the team of employers, claims adjusters, nurse case managers, and attorneys – need to understand that status of your employee. The DMOS Workers’ Compensation team is dedicated to providing work status reports and forms within 24 business hours of your employee’s appointment to the appropriate teams.
We know that getting your employees back to work safely is a priority and the DMOS Workers’ Compensation team can assist you in ensuring your employees are seen as soon as possible, treated and recover rapidly.

We are Dedicated to:

Same Day Access

Based on the nature of the injury and availability, DMOS will get the patient seen as soon as possible.

Timely Status Reports

You can expect completed status reports within 24 hours of the patient’s visit.

Multiple Locations

DMOS has offices in Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Ankeny, providing multiple locations for your employees to be seen.

*We cannot guarantee access to our spine surgeons within 48 hours, though the Spine Clinic is open and scheduling appointments with a specially trained orthopedic ARNP.


I’m the one injured, why can’t I go where I want?

It depends on the state. Here in the state of Iowa, even though you are the injured person—your adjuster and/or employer directs care and where you will go for treatment as they pay for all medical care related to the accident. Work comp is state-regulated and each state has specific guidelines to abide by.

My other arm/shoulder/knee/hip is now bothering me, why can’t I just have the doctor look at it while I’m seeing him for my work comp injury?

The body part that was approved under work comp is the only body part on the claim. If you are wanting the doctor to look at your other arm because you feel as though it is related to the work comp injury, it is beneficial for you to first speak with your adjuster, employer, and/or nurse case manager (if you have been assigned one).

I still hurt. Why did the doctor release me and what is ‘MMI’?

MMI, or Maximum Medical Improvement, is when a doctor indicates/believes you have reached a point where you have healed as much as possible. The doctor will release you from care and provide proper restrictions. The doctor will discuss with you at your last appointment about any potential/possible symptoms you may encounter and what is normal/usual versus what is not.

I received a bill from my doctor, this is a work comp injury. Why have I received this?

The first step is to call into your doctor’s office and make sure that you are responsible for the bill. If it is a simple billing mistake, the doctor’s office will correct it and inform you to send the bill on to your employer or adjuster. Another bill will be sent directly to your adjuster or employer, whoever is paying for the bill.

My restrictions caused me to re-injure myself, how is my doctor going to fix this?

First, it is beneficial to let your employer know and get in contact with your doctor’s office to see what the next step needs to be. If it is an appointment that is needed, you will be scheduled to come in to see your doctor. Your adjuster/nurse case manager will be notified promptly of your upcoming appointment due to re-injury. Sometimes it is a simple phone call with either the doctor or the doctor’s team (Physician Assistant, nurse, CMA, etc.) to gather information about what happened and if necessary, restrictions can be changed. If restrictions are changed, your nurse case manager/adjuster/attorney/employer will be notified that the restrictions have changed and a new form will be sent to them indicating the new restrictions.


The doctors and staff at Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons create a caring environment with the highest degree of orthopedic care. When you’re hurt and need orthopedic care, we have the team who can help you get back to living.

Our doctors have advanced training in their respective specialties

All of our doctors are Board Certified or Board Eligible. Additionally, our Physician Assistants and Physical & Hand Therapy teams are the best in their field which allows DMOS to be the preferred choice for comprehensive orthopedic care in central Iowa.
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